1400 Broadway
Building Access

Tenant Access – Weekday Business Hours

Effective August 22, 2011, 1400 Broadway will require all tenants to swipe building-issued ID cards at designated card readers upon entering the building:

  • At the Broadway entrance, there are turnstiles in the lobby corridor, just before the first set of elevators. A security guard will be stationed here to provide assistance and ensure use of ID cards for access.
  • Tenants may also continue to use either the 38th or 39th Street entrances and swipe their ID card at the rear turnstiles. The 38th Street and 39th Street entrances will be card access only; security officers will no longer release the side doors.
  • If you lose or forget your ID card, you must register as a building visitor until an ID card is brought in or reissued. (See below for guest/visitor entry.)

Building Visitors

We want to ensure that all guests at 1400 Broadway are processed through our check-in system in a timely manner.

  • During weekday business hours, all guests are to enter the Broadway entrance and check in at the Concierge Desk at the front of the lobby.
    • Guests will be required to show a form of photo identification
  • Prior to guest arrival, we strongly encourage that tenants pre-register their visitor, which can be completed through the Tenant Resources section of the 1400 Broadway website at https://1400broadway.shortpath.com. Instructions are also attached.
    • Pre-authorizing guests will ensure quick processing through visitor check-in
    • Frequent guests can be entered into the system one time as a recurring visitor
  • During market week, we will pre-print guest badges to assist the flow of visitors
    • We can pre-print guest badges only for those who are entered into the system
    • Pre-registering of guests is critical during market week due to the higher volume of building visitors

Lobby Access – Weekday Evenings and Weekends

On weekday evenings from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m. and on weekends, Tenants and Visitors will access the building from the 38th Street entrance only. The Broadway and 39th Street entrance will be secured at these times. Tenants will swipe in at the rear Concierge Desk and guests will check in with lobby security at this same location.


New Hires

A Workspeed service request will need to be placed for issuance of access cards for all newly hired employees. Photos for cards can be taken between 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday, at the building office. Once the photo has been taken the card is activated. New cards are $27.22 per employee.

Replacement Cards

A Workspeed service request will need to be placed for issuance of access cards for all replacement cards (lost, stolen or damaged). The tenant will receive an email confirmation when the card(s) are ready to be picked up. Replacement cards are $54.44 per card.

Terminated Workers/Reusing Cards

When an employee is no longer employed by your company, their access card should be recaptured and a Workspeed service request should be placed indicating the name of the individual and card number to be deactivated. The tenant can reuse these cards for new hire or replacement cards by submitting a Workspeed request indicating the name of the new hire or replacement card user and the access card number s/he will be using. A new picture must be taken to activate the card.

New Companies

All new tenant companies will receive an access card allotment according to their lease upon move-in. Any cards requested after the initial move are considered New Hire cards and will be subject to respective fees.

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